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PW EoM Comments and Issues

I looked through some of your EoMs and feel that a format will be really useful for you. Some of you never address issues of reliablity and credibility.

If you recall Ms Ang Huey Min's lecture on EoM Writing, she went through a sample EoM for all of you.

Log on to MI Link -> Click on "Repository" -> Click on folder "09 PW"

You will find the sample EoM there. You may want to structure your EoM like that, with clearer subheadings. Or even the MCYS sample I gave out in class can be used.

EoM is a good place to earn for "analysis and evaluation" especially evaluation of ideas and source. You can earn for "generation of ideas" if you explain what ideas you can develop from the article. Follow the steps below, plus work on Reliability of Information, and I think you won't go wrong.

Step 1: Choose one key / important idea in the article.
Step 2: Analyse the idea chosen.
Step 3: Evaluate the idea. Easiest way of evaluation is to discuss usefulness /relevance of the idea to your project and why.
Step 4: Generate ideas from the analysis done - e.g. what important questions have been raised and what you intend to do about these questions.
Step 5: Check number of words - aim for 600-610 words. Repeat steps 1-4 until you reach 600-610 words.
Step 6: Evaluate the source (author and publisher) either at the beginning or the end of your EoM - you decide.

IMPORTANT: How to work on "Reliability of information"?

ü Evaluate the source - author (expert? biased? relevant?), owner of website or publisher of book / magazine / newspaper (expert? biased? relevant? current or up-to-date?).

ü Evaluate, if possible, whether other sources say the same thing or whether your own survey / interviews get similar information. Is the information different because of context, e.g. USA vs Singapore, 1980's vs 2000's, adults vs adolescents, polytechnic vs private school?

Usefulness of information to your project

ü Evaluate the usefulness or relevance of the ideas / material to your project. Discuss / explain how it supports your claims or substantiates your arguments. Discuss at least 2 or 3 points from the material.

ü Analyse what the author is saying - break down difficult ideas into ones that fit or support your project. Use the author's ideas to support ideas / claims in your project. Use the author's ideas as reasons for … (whatever in your project). Make inferences, cull underlying ideas. Compare ideas with other ideas from another article/source if possible. [BUT DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY! REMEMBER, WORD COUNT IS IMPORTANT!]

ü Build on what is said to generate ideas for your project, i.e. develop ideas from the material. Evaluate the pros and cons of your ideas using the material as comparison.

Hope this helps, people.

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